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Login loop: the sign-in box continues to reappear

Does the sign-in page reload whenever you try to sign in? If so, don't worry. There are simple fixes that will get you back in to your Yahoo Account in no time.

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Fixing the problem

Below are some things you can do to fix this and get in to your account.

From the sign in page

On the sign in page, click Sign in as a different user. Once you're signed out, re-enter your ID and password.

Try a different ID

If you have another Yahoo ID, try signing in with that ID to see if the same issue also happens with it.

Try different sign in pages

Access each of the following sign-in pages from a different browser or computer. This will help eliminate the possibility of an issue with your computer or browser's settings.

Click a link to go to its sign in page.

With your browser

Clear your browser's cache and cookies. Learn how in our help article about clearing cache and cookies.

Once you're finished, restart your browser and then try to sign in again.

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