Report an inappropriate comment or abuse

Help us keep Yahoo a safe place for the entire community. Report comments that are inappropriate or abusive in nature.

Anywhere you can post a comment or photo on Yahoo, you'll find a link nearby that says either Report Abuse, Report or Flag

Report abuse on a Yahoo comment, photo, or message board

  1. Locate the comment or photo in question and click the Report Abuse link (or Flag or Report) for that entry.
    - If you're asked to sign in, sign in and click Report Abuse again.
    - A "Thank You!" message displays.
  2. Click here in the dialog box for more serious forms of abuse.
  3. Select the type of violation you are reporting.
  4. Click Report.
    - A "Thank You!" message displays.

Reporting abuse and spam in other Yahoo products:

  Tip: We'll fully investigate a report of abuse, however, we don't send out notifications of the outcome of our investigation.