Fix Yahoo Messenger sign-in problems

Sign-in problems can be as simple as an incorrect password, though sometimes it's more complicated. Get back into Yahoo Messenger using these quick fixes.

Password problems

  Check CAPS LOCK - Passwords are case sensitive, so make sure your CAPS LOCK isn't on.

Check that you're using the correct email address and password. Sign in to your Yahoo account in a web browser with your most recent password.

If your password didn't work - Use Sign-in Helper to reset your password.

If your password did work:

  1. Open Yahoo Messenger.
  2. Click the Settings icon Image for the settings icon..
    - If using a mobile app, click Manage Accounts after this.
  3. Click Sign Out.
  4. Sign in again with your current password.

You can always access Yahoo Messenger on the web if your mobile or desktop app isn't working.

Avoid a locked account

If you've tried to sign in to Yahoo Messenger with your old password, wait a few minutes before going through the sign-in process again with your new password to avoid being locked out.

To protect your account, Yahoo sets limits on the number of unsuccessful sign-in attempts during a set period of time. When the limit is reached, Yahoo will send you a security message saying the account has been locked due to a security threat.

Install the latest version of Yahoo Messenger

If your Yahoo ID and password worked on the sign-in page, but you still can't sign in, try updating Yahoo Messenger.

Older versions can become corrupted through other activities on your computer. Installing the latest version will correct the problem.

Other fixes

Re-authenticate Yahoo Messenger - If the other fixes didn't solve your problem, you'll need to remove all references to Yahoo Messenger from your account's "Manage App and Website Connections" page.

Temporarily disable firewall/antivirus software - Instructions for this may vary depending on your operating system or device. Check your manufacturer's website for more help.